Assistance in exports

We assist / act as an agent in the following areas:

  1. Import of the required food additives
  2. Export of food additives.

Astra Sp. z o.o. imports natural food additives from: North and South America, Asia and Europe.

We have done this for over 12 years. We have gained experience in business contacts taking into account the different cultures, in organising international sea, air and road freight. We have established many business contacts on several continents, both with manufacturers of food additives and with companies dealing with professional logistics of natural food additives: colourants, flavours, protein hydrolysates, yeast extracts, etc.

We offer products, mediate in business relationships and connect individual importers and exporters of natural food additives.

IMPORT of food additives


  1. You look for a specific raw material or product
  2. You know what you want to import, but you do not know how and from whom
  3. You want to compare sales conditions

We will find a manufacturer / an exporter for you

  1. We will prepare an individual product offer tailored for you
  2. We will check the best logistic options
  3. We will arrange transport to your warehouse
  4. We will quote the service

EXPORT of food additives

With our wide business contacts we can help you in exporting your products to the markets of other countries.


  1. You have a product, which in your opinion has an international business potential
  2. You have a product and you want to check its potential abroad
  1. We will identify target countries/ directions and we will find a purchaser for your products
  2. We will create the best sales offer together
  3. We will develop the logistics
  4. We will quote the service

No matter, whether your Company has purchasing department or not, when working with Astra Sp. z o.o., you save time, money and nerves.

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Some projects completed for our customers:

  • Evening primrose oil – healthy additive to food and cosmetic products – import: USA, China.
  • Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables– export.
  • Dried vegetables – export.
  • Preparations produced based on red palm oil, containing healthy tocotrienols and tocopherols – examining the potential for use, import along with the benefits of use in food products – import from Malaysia.
  • Orange juice NFC – examining the possibility of imports from Brazil.
  • Instant noodles, non-fried – import from several directions, from the European and Chinese manufacturers.
  • Seasoning and functional mixes – export: Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania.

ASTRA Sp. z o.o.

Food flavours and colourants

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Astra has put on sale natural seasoning and vegetable extracts. High efficiency, full, intense taste and a friendly label - these are just a few of their many advantages


We are happy to announce that Astra has undertaken cooperation with Allied Chemical Group from Egypt, as its exclusive distributor in Poland. ACG is a producer of food additives of exceptional taste and the highest efficiency;


Astra has implemented a new, innovative service: filling sachets with liquids. We realize complete production of sauces in sachets according to our Clients project, using the latest technologies.