Food flavours

Astra offers dry flavours. These are natural food additives, which impart or enhance the leading flavour of meat products, ready-made dishes, concentrated foods, sauces, soups, vegetarian dishes, chips and salty snacks.

Dry flavour product groups:

  1. Process flavours, manufactured at a high-temperature from vegetable products rich in proteins. Process flavours are often called thermal process flavours. They are characterised by a strong flavour and natural aroma.
  2. Natural roasted-type flavours with the natural flavour declaration.
  3. Yeast extracts based on baker’s yeast. These are unique products with a high concentration of aromatic properties, thus enhancing the product's flavour and aroma. They are used successfully as substitutes for chemical flavour and aroma enhancers, a substitute for monosodium glutamate, inosinate or guanylate.
  4. Hydrolysates of vegetable proteins – prepared from vegetable products, such as corn or soy-beans. Astra imports allergen-free products made of non-genetically modified substrates without any E symbolsto Europe. Hydrolysates of vegetable proteins are mainly used to impart or enhance the flavour products, because they do not have such flavour properties as process flavours. Hydrolysates of vegetable proteins are the primary product in producing flavours, both top and basic note, building a taste base for dishes and food products. Hydrolysates of vegetable proteins are the most economic way of flavouring food.
  5. Dairy flavours are the flavours produced based on such dairy raw materials as milk and rennet cheese. Astra offers dairy flavours in the powder or liquid, water or oil form. The main product groups include: butter flavours, yoghurt flavours, cheese flavours and cream flavours.

We customise our offer to the individual needs of each customer.

We take into account the technological process used in the production, the best form of application and economic efficiency.

We will suggest carefully selected food flavours suitable for specific categories of food products.

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Food flavours and colourants

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Astra has put on sale natural seasoning and vegetable extracts. High efficiency, full, intense taste and a friendly label - these are just a few of their many advantages


We are happy to announce that Astra has undertaken cooperation with Allied Chemical Group from Egypt, as its exclusive distributor in Poland. ACG is a producer of food additives of exceptional taste and the highest efficiency;


Astra has implemented a new, innovative service: filling sachets with liquids. We realize complete production of sauces in sachets according to our Clients project, using the latest technologies.