New Technologies

Meat products without "E" number

VegStable™ - technology of natural meat curing and preservation developed in the USA, which allows for the production of meat products without any "E" symbol.

  • Vegetable and fruit extracts in the powder form
  • Readily soluble in water
  • For tumbled and injected brine solutions
  • They cure and add a special flavour to meat products.

Extruded vegetable proteins (EVP)

Vegetable proteins are extruded using the latest method in the higher humidity than before, therefore the product obtained after hydration is characterised by the fibre structure similar to the fibre structure of the meat.

  • EVP can replace meat in the meat products in the amount of 30-40%.
  • The impression of eating a 100%-meat product
  • Broad range of application (meat dishes, vegetarian and vegan dishes)
  • Increasing weight of the products while reducing costs
  • Improving product quality without compromise

Natural products

  • Flavours

  • Group of flavours created from vegetable raw materials and yeast extracts, no artificial flavours, colourants, preservatives or flavour enhancers. They naturally enrich the flavour and taste of food products: roasted meat, cold meat, pastries, sauces, ready-made dishes, vegetarian dishes, potato crisps and many other products. They are resistant to high temperature and retain their aromatic properties in various technological processes.

    • HIMAX IG20DFP - a substitute for chemical flavour enhancers

    Natural source of:

    • Nucleotides - the highest content of natural nucleotides on the market - 20-22%!
    • Glutamic acid

    Benefits of use:

    • They can substitute monosodium glutamate
    • A "clean" label, with no E
    • Enhanced flavour and taste with natural nucleotides
    • Minimised use of salt
    • Low dosage
    • Enhances flavour, do not add foreign flavours

    • Soy sauces in powder
    • Products obtained by natural fermentation process:

      SS-100-A – traditional soy sauce produced by spray drying (type Koikuchi) 

      SS-100-NW – soy sauce produced only from soy, no wheat gluten, produced by spray drying  The products include natural glutamic acid and protein, which enhance the flavour (without having to declare a monosodium glutamate).

  • Garlic and onion extracts
  • We offer high quality natural garlic and onion extracts in powder. The products are manufactured in special technology consisting in extracting the pulp, juice and essential oils and then drying these components by spray drying. In order to facilitate the dosing and to replace dried products, two versions have been prepared

  • 1:1 vs. garlic/onion dried in powder
  • 2x times stronger than garlic/onion dried in powder
  • Benefits of use

  • Natural product
  • Production repeatability – the extracts are standardised products
  • Microbiological purity for safe use also in articles without thermal treatment
  • Fixed price and quality – the manufacturer has got its own plantations, therefore the extracts are more resistant to market fluctuations of prices and availability
  • Through encapsulating, the extract is released in the product evenly and remains more noticeable and at a constant level.
  • Extracts of garlic do not change colour and structure of the final products (do not contain enzymes).

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Astra has put on sale natural seasoning and vegetable extracts. High efficiency, full, intense taste and a friendly label - these are just a few of their many advantages


We are happy to announce that Astra has undertaken cooperation with Allied Chemical Group from Egypt, as its exclusive distributor in Poland. ACG is a producer of food additives of exceptional taste and the highest efficiency;


Astra has implemented a new, innovative service: filling sachets with liquids. We realize complete production of sauces in sachets according to our Clients project, using the latest technologies.