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Fermented soy sauce SS-100-A powder

The original soy sauce is a product of fermentation. It is made from soy-beans, wheat, water and salt. The grain is milled, soaked in water and cooked. Then it is infused with fungi, that is, Aspergillus Sojae, Aspergillus Oryzae. The fermentation and maturation stage takes from several months to several years. The semi-solid particulate grains are then extruded, and the resulting liquid is filtered to give a soy sauce.

There are 3 types of soy sauce:

  • Koikuchi (50% of soy-beans, 50% of wheat, the darkest and the most aromatic) – SS-100-A is made of the type of soy sauce.
  • Tamari (soy-beans and a small amount of wheat, lighter and less aromatic)
  • Shiro (wheat and a small amount of soy-beans, the lightest)

Each type of soy sauce is subjected to a spray drying from which they obtain soy sauce powder of any kind.

The unique fermentation process ensures a number of advantages listed below:

  • proteins and carbohydrates are divided into smaller molecules, that is, di-, polypeptides and oligo-, polysaccharides, which results in a lower burden to alimentary tract during digestion.
  • high concentration of oligosaccharides in soy sauce favours the growth of friendly bacteria in the last section of the intestinal tract.
  • despite a high salt content, traditionally fermented soy sauce is among the products, which do not raise blood pressure. Peptides it contains inhibit the activity of an enzyme responsible for contraction of the blood vessels.
  • the fermentation process breaks up the allergenic proteins, making soy sauce the least allergenic one among all soy products.

Furthermore, it is characterised by high content of various antioxidants. It is a good source of manganese, phenolic acids and isoflavones. Soy sauce is also a good source of tryptophane amino acid, proteins and vitamin B3.


A natural substitute for monosodium glutamate and other chemical flavour and aroma enhancers, without E symbols; the declaration "yeast extract"

Honey powder

Liquid form of honey made it impossible to fully use that natural product in the food industry. Only after using the spray drying process it can be used without any caveats in the herbal, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry in order to take full advantage of its precious nutrition values.

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